Tuesday with Essential Oils

It feels like a good time to give ..

So this week, again, we're offering a FREE workshop after The Path meditation tonight!

First we'll enjoy a meditation expertly guided by Pandit Dasa, author of Urban Monk.

Then .. at our beautiful home at The Standard, East Village .. you're invited to stay for a tea ceremony .. to relax your body .. and go even deeper.

Together we'll enjoy an organic hand-blended herbal tea with rose, chamomile and lavender.

The herbs .. and the ritual of sipping .. will help us feel amazing .. and then we'll use an organic essential oil with chamomile and spruce to stimulate our senses even more .. and enhance the connection to our bodies.

It's all courtesy of Jennifer Goldman from Essential Rose Life .. who's designed this experience for us.

And it's all included in the regular cost of a Tuesday meditation ((just $24 for everything!)).

click here to join us Tuesday

It's another thank you for being part of our community .. and being you. (And we're excited for our first tea ceremony together!)

Also .. HUGE thanks to everyone who joined The Path Experience this weekend. What a joyous and relaxing retreat!

It's been inspiring to be around so many incredible people from our community this past week, for the big workshop last Tuesday .. and our retreat Saturday.

It's felt .. truly .. life-affirming.

And so I leave you with a hope .. that you're grateful for the wonderful people in your life. 

It is a beautiful thing .. to live life .. in gratitude. Grateful for what we have.

With love and cheers to a tea ceremony tonight (with more wonderful people!),