Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

Today is about celebrating freedom.

Which is soo perfect ..

Because meditation gives us freedom.

It helps us choose how to respond .. to almost anything.

It lets us decide what we want to optimize for .. and how we want to be. 

It also gives us the freedom .. to know we deserve to step away from work sometimes!

We have the freedom to enjoy ourselves ..

To be silly and laugh and have fun & be our favorite version of ourselves.

I hope you're having a great holiday weekend ..

And enjoying warm summer days. 

Tonight we're not gathering for meditation .. so you can enjoy fireworks or quiet time or whatever you choose, wherever you are ..

We'll be back next week, meditating each Tuesday evening and gathering to celebrate LOVE in July (please save July 20th .. more details soon ...).

And today, I wish you a truly awesome day.

Cheers to freedom,