The Path Experience - Saturday

As I write you I'm looking through the amazing people joining us Saturday for The Path Experience.

Did you see the details the other day? If not, you can check it out here. I'll hold :-)

I also have some cool new things to share with you today...

  • We can finally announce that dinner after the retreat will be catered by Epicured, a gourmet kitchen and food delivery service. They're preparing a special meal for us, and it's going to be delicious (and healthy)!
  • We're hosting this retreat .. drumroll .. at The Standard, East Village! This is our first retreat with The Standard, and we're thrilled to share this beautiful space with you.
  • The dinner party after the retreat will be at "The Terraces," a gorgeous home with terraces overlooking the city. It will be a spectacular close to the retreat.
  • We'll be serving Harmless Harvest coconut water (yummm) and Verday Chlorophyll Water. We're so grateful to our sponsors.

But here's the deal...

Want to know why I really think you should join?

Going on a 10-day retreat is tough.

The Path Experience is fun and social and beautiful .. and will transform your energy in just five hours, with no need to travel.

We'll clear your body and mind from the effects of electronics .. and bring you to your natural state of intuition, creativity, and bliss.

You're going to feel incredible after this retreat. The feedback we get after them is extraordinary.

One person wrote, "I feel amazing. And I look amazing ... I got my radiance back." Another person said, "I've had one of the most productive and crystal clear weeks in ages .. and I think part of that is having a clear mind."

I hope you join us for great meditation and yoga. To have fun and be in community with like-minded new friends.

But most of all I hope you join us to feel the stillness and goodness within you.

And so... for a better summer. A better year. And a better you.

I hope to see you Saturday.

With love,

p.s. We only have 6 spots left -- so if you want to join us, reserve your "cushion" now.