The Path Experience NYC - June

I'm writing you with clouds outside the window as I fly home to NYC (yay!) after hosting The Path Experience in San Francisco.

And I'm learning .. that the MAGIC of these retreats .. is bringing together amazing, like-minded people .. and creating a warm, friendly environment that makes it easy for everyone to DIVE into relaxation .. and stillness.

The meditations and wisdom were great .. and we gathered in a BEAUTIFUL place (the apartment that actually houses the SF clocktower!! It was unbelievable!).

But what makes these retreats powerful beyond my wildest dreams .. is the supportive feeling of the community we build each time. And it's all thanks to you .. our community.

Look, life can be hard. I get it. It's easy to put your dukes up and wonder who's out to get you. When you step into these afternoon retreats, that fear washes away. And you enter .. kindness. Playfulness and happiness.

This is why people emerge from The Path Experience saying they feel INCREDIBLY clear, calm and happy .. after just five hours on retreat (and a happy cozy dinner afterwards).

And so .. I'm super excited we're hosting The Path Experience in NYC this Saturday. If you're in town, I hope you join us.

click here for The Path Experience Saturday

This time we're doing something different.

We're going to CLEAR you from the effects of electronics on your body and mind.

Working from the outside in, using yoga and meditation, we'll give you a digital detox. And leave you feeling renewed, refreshed, and reconnected to you.

Experience what it feels like to REALLY connect to your body.

To SWIM into your breath.

And TOUCH your creativity and intuition.

Yoga master Marlie McGovern will co-lead with me. We only have 10 spots remaining. If you feel digital overstimulation, and you're ready to turn it off, join us.

click here for The Path Experience Saturday

(As always we'll gather amazing people, be in a beautiful space & enjoy delicious food after.)

And TUESDAY, join us for a preview! Marlie will guide our meditation at The Standard, East Village .. and shift your attention from digital .. to your creativity and inner self.

click here for meditation Tuesday

You'll get a cool bonus if you join us Tuesday. After the meditation, you're invited to stay and enjoy a FREE workshop on Mindful Eating and Self Compassion by Quiet the Noise, two NYC nutritionists. Lisa Hayim MS, RD and Naomi Arbit, PHD, MA will guide us in a special technique to help you make healthy choices about food .. by listening to your body and treating it with kindness. ((Also, we'll enjoy free chocolate as part of the workshop! I'm 100% joining!)) All this is included in the regular cost of a Tuesday meditation (just $24 for everything).

The workshop .. is a thank you for being part of our community. And being mindful. And being you.

Cheers to mindful eating and emailing and hope to see you Tuesday and Saturday,