The Path Experience NYC

I'm writing you from San Francisco, where I just emerged from a retreat with Jon and Will Kabat-Zinn.

The wisdom and meditations were great .. and I feel amazing. 

But one of the reasons I feel so clear and calm .. is that I put away my phone and computer .. for days.

Our electronics are addicting. And making us feel stressed. That stress permeates our body and mind.

So for our next afternoon retreat .. we call The Path Experience .. we're offering a COMPLETE digital detox for the body & mind.

I'll co-lead this time with a yoga master — who RUNS a restorative yoga teacher training program for doctors and therapists (so, yeah, she REALLY knows her stuff) — and working from the outside in, we'll clear you from the effects of electronics.

You'll emerge from the retreat feeling rejuvenated and deeply relaxed. More playful. And creative. And as always you'll meet amazing people and enjoy a fun dinner party after the retreat (included).

We're keeping this Path Experience intimate so it's as powerful as possible, and we only have 18 spots. Click here to join us:

click here for The Path Experience

My partner on this retreat is Marlie McGovern, who DEEPLY knows yoga and how to make it work for your body and mind. Marlie also helps to lead our extraordinary Meditation Teacher Training program. The depth of her knowledge in yoga and meditation is incredible, and she'll bring both to you.

So when the retreat is over .. you'll reenter the outside world .. from a different place.

Feeling calm, centered .. and ready to follow your bliss.

click here to join us on retreat  

Cheers to retreats and a true digital detox,

p.s. Janusz Whelin (raised on a hippie farm - ask him about it!) is guiding our meditation Tuesday evening at 7pm, at our home at The Standard, East Village. Click here to reserve your spot. Yay!