Wild Sleep and Dreams

If you have questions about sleep.

Or dreams.

We have good news.

For our December social we're bringing one of the top sleep and dream experts to NYC. If you have trouble falling asleep. Staying asleep. If you have questions about sleep aids. About dreams. About lucid dreams. If you've wondered about anything and everything related to sleep and dreams, this is the man to ask.

Dr. Rubin Naiman is the sleep specialist and professor of medicine at the world-renowned University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. He writes books about sleep. And interprets dreams.

On December 8th, Dr. Naiman will speak with us about why we don't get sleep because we don't 'get' sleep. He'll teach us to honor sleep and dreams as much as our waking life. We'll have a meditation. Then Dr. Naiman will answer your questions. 

If you want to ask personal questions about your sleep and dreams in a more intimate setting, we're offering a chance to spend time with Dr. Naiman before the event at a private tea, limited to 12 people.

This is also our holiday party. We'll enjoy dinner (included). Drinks (included). Festive people. And happy vibes. We're offering 10 Early Bird tickets at just $50. And please keep in mind that our Friendsgiving sold out. Most of our socials this year have sold out. This will sell out. So please act quickly if you'd like to join us. And get ready for wild sleep and dreams of your own.

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