Sleeping & Dreaming

I hope you enjoyed a great, cozy Thanksgiving.

And now, a question for you, especially during this time of change:

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or do you wake up too early?

Stress about sleep is one of the top reasons people turn to meditation. But what if we have sleep all wrong?

I met Dr. Rubin Naiman years ago at an ashram in the Bahamas. He was the featured speaker, giving lectures to hundreds each evening. He was thoughtful and non-obvious, an academic but also a great speaker. I thought he was amazing but didn't think I'd have a chance to thank him for the knowledge he was sharing.

But one day we caught each other sneaking out of the ashram in search of caffeine and cappuccinos at the Atlantis resort down the beach (shhhh). We recognized each other, yelled "gotcha!" and became instant friends. Through this friendship, and years of attending his talks, I've finally internalized his message. And went from a seven year addiction to Ambien to, for the first time since being a teenager, freeing myself completely from insomnia (with the help of nutrition, too).

Dr. Naiman says our sleeping, dreaming and waking lives are three equally important threads in the braid of our lives. He believes sleep is not in service of our waking life but a valuable entity unto itself. And that dreaming is an indication of sleeping well, and there are steps we can take to dream more and remember our dreams.

For years I've wanted Dr. Naiman, an internationally recognized sleep and dream expert, to speak to us. Finally, on December 8th, he will travel to NY and talk with us about the latest research on sleep and dreams and answer your questions, too. We'll have a meditation. Then we'll enjoy a festive holiday party with awesome people and treats. Our last two socials sold out, and we've gotten a huge response to this one already. So please act quickly if you'd like to join us.

CLICK HERE for Wild Sleep and Dreams

If you want to ask more personal questions about sleep or dreams, or to learn from Dr. Naiman in a more intimate setting, we invite you to join him for a private tea, limited to 12 people, before we open doors to general admission (this ticket includes your entrance to the talk and party).