Gathering in Community

If you're feeling emotional.

Angry, sad or confused. Stunned, gleeful, numb or anything else.

That's ok. 

Whatever you feel, it is good to feel.

It's all part of being human. We feel. We process. And then we feel more. Maybe it's more of the same emotion. Or a different one. Maybe an opposite one. And then we feel more.

All week people have asked, "what should I do?" And my answer is different than it's ever been. 

I often suggest sitting with emotions. Feeling into them, because then they pass. But this time, my intuition is different.

I think it's time to come together. To be in community. And especially because you're on your path, it's soothing to spend time with other people on theirs. Never in my life have I felt so drawn to other meditators. Because they have a glow, an inner light, and I want that light to reignite mine.

On Tuesday, we're hosting a special meditation, led by the extraordinarily Donna D'Cruz, on acceptance. We'll gather in community to meditate and feel what we're feeling, with the soothing energy of each other's presence. 

Click here to join us Tuesday 

And then, I can't think of a better time for us to come together for a Friendsgiving. This coming Sunday we'll gather for delicious food (thanks to our friends at Dig Inn, yum), mulled wine & hot cider & special treats. We have only 20 spots left and really hope you can join us for this special, cozy gathering of our community, so full of awesome people like you, ready to meet and hang and meditate and eat together. 

Click here to join us for Friendsgiving 

It's been a wild week. Emotional for people on all sides. Let's come together. And enjoy, simply, being together. 

With love for community,