teacher training & the book .. is out!


First, good news to share ..

We're opening enrollment TODAY for our teacher training program (which starts in October). And the site to apply .. is now live!

click here to apply for teacher training 

If you've thought about becoming a certified meditation teacher .. this is the best program in NYC. And the community of teachers we have .. is amazing.  

We got a huge response from our note last week .. a bunch of applications .. and only 25 spots available.

If you enroll this month we'll give you $200 off the tuition. So if you've ever thought about becoming a teacher, I encourage you to apply today!

click here to apply for meditation teacher training

And, huge thanks to everyone who joined our Mindful Leadership course and closing retreat Saturday.

It was inspiring to hear how TRANSFORMATIVE the course has been .. and to learn how much we can progress as leaders if we learn to properly connect with our minds, bodies and hearts. 

And Tuesday .. is the launch of Sharon Salzberg's book Real Love! 

Sharon guided an extraordinary retreat for us in April. She's one of the top meditation teachers in the country. And this book will teach and inspire you to live with more love .. in every area of your life (yes, even work!). I encourage you to buy a copy if you haven't yet, and buy another if you already have! It's a perfect gift for friends, colleagues and family members. 

Click here for Sharon's new book Real Love

Book sales the first week are the most significant for an author. Often it's what propels a book into bestseller status. Sharon is an incredible teacher and friend of the company. If we can help her get to bestseller status, this will help bring us to Buddhist heaven (which is, you could say, joy today)!