Announcing: Meditation Teacher Training

Have you ever thought ..

About becoming a meditation teacher?

For months we've been asked ..

When is our next teacher training?

Today I'm so excited to announce: a new Meditation Teacher Training course from October - January (with a winter holiday beak) in partnership with the Nalanda Institute and Pure Yoga.

If you want to deepen your practice .. or really learn the wisdom behind meditation.

If you want to add meditation teaching to your role as a coach, business person, doctor, teacher, therapist, creative or whatever you do ..

Or if you simply want to become a certified meditation teacher .. this is the best program in NYC.

It's comprehensive. And accessible. With a focus on neuroscience, wisdom, practice and community.

THIS MONTH .. we're offering .. $200 off tuition for the first ten people who enroll.

Are you thinking about meditation teacher training?

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher?

To teach .. or maybe .. just for you?

Let us know if you're interested!