On Meditation Teacher Training :: Keith M. Blechman, MD

Keith is a proponent of physical and mental fitness.

Keith is a proponent of physical and mental fitness.

As we approach our second meditation teacher training (applications are now being accepted!) we're sharing interviews with members of our community who completed the program the first time around. 

Read below for a beautiful interview from Dr. Keith Blechman of Blechman Plastic Surgery.

What initially drew you to the teacher training program? 
Dina.  I didn't think I had enough time to do something like this but Dina convinced me to give it a shot.  After seeing what she had done with The Path, I realized that meditation is something that holds an important part in my life as well, and inspired by her, I decided to take the next step towards making it meaningful for others too.

How did it impact you and your career and/or personal life?
The program helped me significantly in structuring my own practice and understanding how it could integrate into my daily life.  The program helped me become more of a dedicated meditator on my own, and now that I'm beginning to teach others, its giving me even more insight into my own practice.  You don't really understand something until you can teach it.  
Were there any unexpected results from your time in the program? 
Yes.  When I decided to take the course I didn't have a goal.  During the course, however, I had an epiphany that I should use what I've learned to teach other physicians.  As part of my course project I developed a curriculum to do so, and am now teaching meditation to a variety of health care providers.  It's incredibly rewarding.