We haven't covered enlightenment yet.

What does it mean? And can we get there?

On November 1st, we have a wonderful opportunity. To meditate and learn from a teacher who says enlightenment is real. And can be attained.

Our speaker, Shinzen Young, has an unusual background. He's a scholar of physics and mathematics and an ordained Buddhist monk. He uses math metaphors to describe the experience of meditation.

Shinzen just published a book on The Science of Enlightenment. For our November social, onNovember 1st, we'll help him launch it.

Shinzen will guide us in meditation. Talk with us about the science of enlightenment. Then answer questions you may have about meditation and enlightenment.

We want to keep this opportunity super accessible. So it will be simply the cost of a weekly sit. Just $24 to join The Path community and this great author and teacher to learn about enlightenment.

We're partnering on this event with our friends at Empress, a beautiful new meeting and event space in Flatiron. 

Click here to join us.