Tuesday Evening Sit (led by Dr. Keith Blechman)

+ Special Workshop (presented by Jon Krop)

May 22, 22 Bond Street

7:00 - 8:30 PM

We're hosting our May Tuesday evening meditations at an ultra-luxurious downtown residence overlooking a private garden at 22 Bond Street.

7pm Meditation guided by Dr. Keith Blechman, renowned surgeon in New York and graduate of our teacher training program. (all levels welcome)

7:30pm Q&A on meditation.

7:45pm Workshop by Harvard-educated lawyer and meditation teacher Jon Krop:

"Smartphone Self-Defense: Reclaiming your Focus from Digital Distraction"

Technology is getting more addictive by the day, and that’s not an accident. Smartphones, social media, and online ads are engineered to hijack your attention and keep you hooked!

In this workshop we’ll learn “attentional self-defense”: simple, powerful methods for beating digital distraction, drawing ideas from mindfulness meditation, cognitive psychology, user experience design, and digital product philosophy.

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Presenter Bio

Jon Krop is a Harvard-educated lawyer and meditation teacher. He has taught mindfulness meditation and mindful technology use at Harvard, the Pentagon, the world’s top law firms, and many other organizations. Jon has meditated for over a decade and has studied with masters from around the world. In 2014, he completed a seven-month silent meditation retreat under the guidance of meditation master and neuroscientist John Yates, Ph.D.