Tuesday Evening Sits :: Downtown

Montauk Salt Cave, 90 east 10th Street (just east of 4th Avenue)

February 19th, 7-8 PM

Enjoy a 20-minute guided meditation, perfect for new or experienced meditators, followed by a group chat about the meditation & your practice overall.

This is a calm, blissful start to your Tuesday evening and wonderful way to enjoy the company of other mindful New Yorkers. We’ll gather at the Montauk Salt Cave, a beautiful place, surrounded by salt .. great for reducing inflammation, increasing immunity and making you feel awesome even if you’re 100% healthy!

On February 19th, teacher and former monk Scott Tusa will guide a practice on embodied awareness .. how can we meet the body on its own terms, so we can connect with ourselves and even heal ourselves? Scott will help us learn to listen to our bodies and deepen our ability to sense even subtle sensations and emotions with an inquisitive and evolving compassionate heart. The cozy space of the salt cave will be an ideal setting for this practice.

Scott is one of our wonderful Meditation Teacher Training teachers. We are excited to have him lead his first “weekly sit” with The Path just as we announce a Compassion Teacher Training program that will start in March. Scott, who was a monk for nine years (including many years in silence) teaches Buddhist meditation across the country.

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