Tuesday Evening Sits (led by The Path founder Dina Kaplan)

June 26

22 Bond Street, New York City

7:00 PM

We're hosting our June Tuesday evening meditations at a luxurious downtown apartment overlooking a private garden at 22 Bond Street (near Houston and Lafayette).

On this special evening Dina will guide an "open awareness" mindfulness meditation, suitable for all levels from beginning to advanced meditators. She'll then host a Q&A about this technique and any other questions you may have about your practice. After the formal meditation we'll open up a discussion about conscious leadership .. what does this mean to you, and when are you — or aren't you — the mindful leader you seek to be? Dina will also share a report on Mela, our inaugural conscious leadership retreat guided by master Buddhist teachers Sharon Salzberg and Will Kabat-Zinn June 21-24 in Sedona, Arizona.

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