Sustain peak performance through mindful leadership


Do you wonder how to sustain peak performance .. all day long?

Are you looking to reduce stress? Inspire your team and clients? And live with more balance?

This is mindful leadership. It's about enhancing productivity and performance through the latest research on stress and the brain. In this course we will teach you the very latest science on how to optimize your mind for performance. And leadership. And we'll give you the tool-kit for sustaining focus. Positive energy, motivation and flow.

We'll give you the competitive edge.

So you can transform fleeting bursts of peak performance into a readily accessible capacity. Learn to hone your decision-making. Strengthen your emotional intelligence. While you improve all the relationships in your life and your health.

Join us to revolutionize your leadership.

All students who pass this training will receive a certificate for Mindful Leadership from Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science and The Path.



Students attend an introductory retreat and 6 evening sessions. 

Opening Retreat

  • Saturday April 22nd, 10am - 5pm

Wednesday Evening Classes (6:30pm - 9pm)

  • April 26th, May 3rd, May 10th, May 17th, May 24th, May 31st

This is for you

This program is for any professional looking to sustainably enhance performance for yourself and your team. This course is perfect for: CEOs, entrepreneurs, department heads and managers, consultants, coaches and people intent on reducing work stress, improving performance and sustaining lifelong personal and professional development. 


This course is designed to give you a state-of-the-science tool-kit for building and sustaining peak performance, enhancing resilience and gaining an exceptional capacity to engage others and inspire excellence.

We'll draw from neuroscience, mindfulness practices and a proven set of listening and engagement skills. When you join you'll learn the science behind mindful leadership and participate in a series of exercises led by business, science and mindfulness experts.

Benefits of the program include:

• Build resilience and exceptional leadership
• Develop a tool-kit for building and sustaining peak performance
• Enhance focus, innovative thinking, and self-awareness
• Increase emotional balance, presence, and responsiveness
• Grow your ability to inspire and motivate others
• Build your capacity for leadership vision and empowering speech
• Turn your inner critic into your inner coach
• Sustain your own positive energy, motivation, and flow
• Shield yourself from stress-related overload and wear-and-tear

Tuition: $1800 (please inquire about scholarships)


  • Our retreat April 22nd will be held at a stunning Tribeca loft.
  • Our Wednesday evening classes will take place at Blender, a beautiful co-working space at 31st and Madison (135 Madison Avenue)

Teachers & Testimonials

Dr. Joe!.jpg

Dr. Joe Loizzo is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist who has spent over forty years studying the beneficial effects of meditation techniques on mind/body healing, peak performance, emotional intelligence, and mindful leadership. Founder-Director of Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, he runs frequent workshops in mindful business and sustainable leadership, coaches CEO’s in mind science and mind-training skills, and advises hospitals and businesses on wellness and talent development. He is author of Sustainable Happiness: The Mind Science of Well-Being, Altruism, and Inspiration, and many articles and chapters on the neuropsychology of meditation.

Elazar Aslan, founder and CEO of Caterfly Solutions, empowers executives to achieve and sustain peak-performance with relative ease so they can have a profound impact as leaders. Combining 20 years as a successful business executive and entrepreneur with a deep contemplative practice, Elazar helps executives achieve clarity, resilience, and authenticity for themselves — and to inspire others to engage passionately, innovate and perform at their best. Elazar has brought his leadership principles to Fortune 100 companies, high-tech companies and non-profits. He has an MBA from the Wharton Graduate School and a CPC from the International Coaching Federation.

Dr. Loizzo leads our teacher training program, and recent graduates of the course say:

  • "Amazing. There aren't enough stars here to explain the greatness of his gift."
  • "Amazing teacher. I couldn't have asked for better."
  • "Joe was an inspired teacher."
  • "He is so smart and so accessible, and so funny and real."
  •  "Very knowledgeable teacher who I am very grateful to have learned a lot with."
  • "5 stars - fantastic."
  • "I loved all the neuroscience"
  • "The course is amazing. The teachers broke this heavy learning down in a way that is easy to absorb. The group and leaders are all very supportive."
  • "I really like how he combines meditation and Tibetan knowledge, with medicine and psychology."
  • "Definitely changed the way I think. I notice using new tools when I'm under stress. And more mindful of others."
  • "I feel like I have much more clarity in my life"