your personal meditation trainer (for one-on-one coaching)


Fast-track your path to clarity, calm, focus and insight.

The Path offers one-on-one meditation teachers for private sessions to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase clarity, productivity & efficiency
  • Help you tap into your deep, natural insight
  • And increase feelings of wellness, gratitude & compassion

You can choose:

  • One introductory session, in-person ($350)
  • Weekly sessions, in person ($300/session, minimum of 4)
  • A 6-month program of weekly in-person sessions (reduced to $250/session)

We'll match you with an expert teacher to suit exactly your needs.

((All fees are 20% lower for virtual sessions - use code "digital" on all offers below.))

Email us at to learn more and book your first session or purchase here:

4 Weekly Meditation Sessions

Four weeks of personal meditation coaching, at $300/session.

6 Months of Weekly Sessions

Six months of weekly meditation sessions, at $275/session.

Photo by Dan Taylor

Photo by Dan Taylor

Photo by Dan Taylor

Photo by Dan Taylor

With a private meditation coach, your practice and understanding of the wisdom behind meditation can quickly deepen. You also gain the tools to build or sustain a daily practice perfect for you. 

Our teachers are the most experienced in the country and can teach mindfulness meditation, mantra, energizing or meditation to accomplish a goal (such as compassion or gratitude). We'll help you hone in on the practice that's right for you.

You'll notice a difference not just on the cushion but in your life and relationships. Welcome to The Path.