Announcing : Compassion Teacher Training!

A LOT of people have emailed asking about our next teacher training program.

I get it.

Our teacher trainings are extraordinary, not just if you want to teach..

But if you want to DRAMATICALLY deepen your practice,

Add meditation to what you do already ..

Or simply to join an incredible, supportive community of men and women going further down their path of meditation.

So I am THRILLED to share we are hosting our first-ever Compassion TeacherTraining program this spring.

Everyone who graduates will be certified to teach meditation. 

And we're focusing on compassion .. because THIS is what the world needs now.

Compassion (also known as loving-kindness or metta) is the style of meditation the Dalai Lama says is the most important. We agree.

We'll open the doors for applications next week .. but we have only 25 spots in the program, and we will give priority to everyone who emails us early (i.e. this week!) to say they're interested.

The program runs March - June and will be led by Dr. Joe Loizzo, a Harvard-training psychiatrist and Columbia-trained Buddhist scholar.

Are you interested? 

If so please reply to this email, and we'll start a conversation .. about how you can join an extraordinary program to expand and share compassion .. with yourself and everyone in your world.

Again please respond to this email if you're interested in joining us, and we'll share all the details next week.

With love and compassion,