A Revelation in Bali

Hey there,
I’m writing you with a relaxed smile from Ubud, the spiritual center of Bali, where I just had a revelation during a meditation.
I realized that it’s so easy .. to WANT love. To pine for it. 
What if we could shift towards feeling .. that we’re SURROUNDED by love. 
What if we could move towards feeling grateful .. for the love around us now.
We have friends near us who message to make plans ..

Friends from out of town who send caring messages ..

Many of us have family members who check in to see how we are. 
We have people in our lives who CARE about us. Profoundly! 

What if we choose to live in that energy, grateful for the wonderful people in our lives and the positive energy this brings us?
This week I invite you to shift from wanting more love .. into a gratefulness for the love you have .. and the amazing people in your life .. who care so much about you. 

It's a decision .. a freedom .. we have.
Cheers to gratitude for the love in our lives,
p.s. We have a GREAT group joining our July social, a dinner party and talk on real love Thursday, July 20th. We’ll be swimming in good energy and good food (thanks Dig Inn!) and will enjoy an inspiring and fun talk by two meditation teachers, Janusz Whelin and Rakhel Shapiro, who just got engaged. And we’re gathering at a STUNNING penthouse in Soho thanks to a member of our community. Click here to join us for our July social this Thursday!
p.p.s. YAY this Tuesday we’ll be the PENTHOUSE of The Standard, East Village! Join us for meditation with Pandit Dasa, a former monk in NYC, and to enjoy one of the most spectacular spaces in NYC (selfies allowed before and after meditation!) Click here to join us Tuesday

p.p.p.s. Sending you a toast to love .. of all kinds .. and to giving and receiving love all day