*news* the final Tuesday meditations are this month!

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We launched The Path with weekly meditations..

We've done them every week, including holidays and snow days (!), for three years.

Now it's time to broaden what we do .. beyond New York .. and beyond the weekly sits.

We have AMAZING teachers and special treats to offer you for our weekly meditations in October. And .. this will be our last month of regular weekly meditations. Our last weekly sit will be October 24th (save the date, we'll have an awesome party this night)!

We will continue with our meditation teacher training program (the next round starts October 14th, so excited!) and social gatherings, big speakers, retreats and more.

But we're adding some new things .. some incredible things .. and want to give ourselves the bandwidth to focus on these too.

So all this means .. 

Join us for our weekly meditations this month! We're going to make them more amazing than ever and encourage you to sign up for one or two or all:

click here for Tuesday evening meditations in Oct

Tomorrow we're hosting a SUPER special meditation.

We're going back to our roots.

For the first times in years I'll guide, with the great teacher Jai Sugrim, ALL FOUR major categories of meditation in less than 40 minutes. We'll guide you in energizing, mindfulness, mantra and loving-kindness .. in ONE short sitting.

If you're new to meditation, this is the PERFECT sample platter. If you're deep on one type and curious about others, this is a terrific chance to sample new techniques. OR if you're just looking for something fun to do, I guarantee you'll feel AMAZING after this meditation, a well-rounded workout for the mind (people say they feel like they're flying after this meditation!).

To sweeten things, we're partnering with Curious Elixirs, a 100% organic alcohol-free craft cocktail. I tried it last week and LOVED it and am SO excited to share this with you Tuesday!

We'll be home in our beautiful space at The Standard, East Village.

And because we love you, we're offering 25% off if you use the code "Tuesday" when you snag your spot:

click here to join us

This is an incredible offering. Four types of meditation in one sitting, two teachers, free craft cocktails, yummy ZICO coconut water, and all this for less than $20! Yes we're feeling happy and generous.

Cheers to change, to an AMAZING OCTOBER of meditations and to a particularly awesome sit tomorrow,