The Mind Illuminated

If you joined us Saturday for the first ever The Path Experience...thank you...

For an AMAZING day of meditation and hanging... I left feeling clear & centered & relaxed to my core. 

And I could NOT stop smiling. The feedback has been extraordinary... we're excited to do this again soon.

But today I'm excited to share something we've been planning for MONTHS. 

If you've had trouble meditating or want to get more from each minute you meditate...

So you can change your thoughts, feelings and habits for the better...

We are SO HONORED to invite you to meet and learn from a master teacher, one who has taught meditation and neuroscience for decades. We're talking way before it went mainstream :)

And who has finally written down his learnings.

The Path is HONORED to host the official Simon & Schuster book party for Culadasa (a.k.a John Yates, PhD)'s The Mind Illuminated.

This gathering will be our January social and first event with our new friends at Primary (a cool co-working space promoting health and wellness, yay!). We'll enjoy:

* an amazing talk, meditation and Q&A with master teacher Culadasa
* healthy dinner courtesy of our friends at sweetgreen
* desert treats (organic cookies!) and other snacks
* yummy drinks

We're keeping the cost SUPER low on this... the entire event will be the price of a regular Tuesday evening meditation, just $24.

Mark your calendar for January 31st, we are so excited!

Click here to join us for The Mind Illuminated