Painting Your Day + Teacher Training

We're all painters.

The question is — how will we paint today?

I woke up in a bad mood the other day. But I told myself — I choose to make this a great day. Rather than painting the day with dark tones, I decided to color the day with a bright, happy hue. When there was a long line at the coffee shop, I struck up a conversation with the person behind me. When I missed the subway by a few seconds, I began reading a book on my to-do list.

We choose our colors. And the tone of our day.

This fall, we're offering a choice.

We're in the process of putting the final touches on our next round of teacher training. The site isn't quite ready, but we're curious to know if you're thinking about joining.

Why think about teacher training? Maybe you want to deepen your practice, study the wisdom or neuroscience behind meditation, or learn new techniques. Perhaps you've thought about incorporating meditation into your current job or becoming a meditation teacher. Whatever your reason, there's no more accessible and thorough meditation teacher training program in NYC. This is also an incredible opportunity to be part of a sangha, a community of like-minded people. Our last class had a doctor and a yoga teacher, a banker, a therapist, a filmmaker, a news producer and a new mom. It was wildly diverse, but the sense of community we built over the three months we studied and practiced together was incredible, and we spoke about it often during the classes.  

We're not quite ready to accept applications, but we'd love to know if you're thinking about joining the program. Let's open up a conversation.

Email us if you're interested in teacher training.

We'll start Saturday, October 29th at 1:30pm. Everyone who graduates will receive a certificate for teaching mindfulness and lovingkindness. We'll partner again with Pure, so this counts towards Yoga Alliance certifications.

(We'll only accept 24 people in this next class, but if you email us early you'll jump ahead of the wait list.)

Why are we passionate about this? Because there is no greater service we can do for NYC than to train people to spread light, and bright colors, across the city.

Cheers to painting our days with exactly the color we choose.