How I escaped an unhealthy life

Words by Dina Kaplan

Two years ago I thought I was healthy. I ran each morning, did pushups and sit ups, and meditated each day.

But I had medical issues I ignored.

Each winter I got colds and the flu. For the entire season. I had trouble falling asleep, so I took Ambien each night. For seven years. And if I missed a meal, I felt dizzy.

I thought it would always be this way. But after returning from a trip to India, a friend suggested I see a nutritionist named Dr. Beth, to test for parasites.

I didn't think much of it. I went, she asked some questions, did some tests and then faced me grimly. The good news, she said, was that I didn't have parasites. The bad news was that I was weakening my body each day by eating food that wasn’t right for me.

This began a journey I never thought I’d take.

About nutrition, a topic I had no interest in.

Dr. Beth taught me that each person has foods that make them stronger and weaker. Even if you think you’re eating healthy, you might not be eating the right food for your body. Over time we figured out what makes me stronger. And what doesn't. Now, because of her, I never get sick. Every medical issue I faced, big or small, is fixed. I’ve now sent 125 new clients to her since then, and she had to expand her office! Many of them have told me she's changed their lives.

Dr. Beth hasn’t spoken publicly about her program before. But she has agreed to speak with us April 21st and to test a few volunteers to see what foods make them stronger or weaker. We’ll learn about the myths of healthy eating — what's true and what's not. We’re also honored to host Dr. Robin Berzin of Parsley Health, one of the country’s preeminent thought leaders on personalized, holistic health.

And we’ll have fun. We’ll gather in a stunning SoHo penthouse with terraces overlooking the city. We’ll enjoy a fresh, haute cuisine lite dinner by Chef Daphne Cheng. Juices by Love Grace. Wine. And more. (all included)

Join us for an extraordinary opportunity to learn from two of the country's leaders in health and nutrition by clicking here.

I could not be more excited to share this wisdom with you. In one of the most beautiful settings in the city.