In April, we’ll explore the other sides of meditation.

First, on Tuesday, sound.

For the first time, we’ve invited Jesse Flower-Ambroch to lead us in a Tibetan sound bowl meditation at The Standard, East Village. As a group, we’ll gather at The Penthouse. We’ll lie down. And enjoy the journey to bliss.

Join us on Tuesday for a beautiful sound meditation.

For our April social, two cutting-edge experts will share with us the latest on healthy eating and living. Dr. Beth Forgosh will tell us surprising new information about what's good for our bodies. And if you'd like, she'll offer you the chance to be tested to see what foods make you stronger or weaker. Then Dr. Robin Berzin of Parsley Health will tell us why health should be personalized and holistic. You’ll have a chance to ask questions to each. We believe that together they’ll change how you think about food and the future of health. As always we'll enjoy yummy foods and drinks and be surrounded by some of the best people in NY. 

Join us for our social on nutrition.

We invite you to join us at a very special price for each Tuesday meditation this month at The Standard, and our social, by snagging a monthly membership to The Path.

This month, all members will also receive a free 30-minute consultation with Simply Seema, a holistic health and nutrition counselor. Seema will help you identify the foods good for your body and provide you with custom recipes and recommendations for achieving your health goals. I've worked with Seema before and can vouch that she's fantastic.

Click here for an April membership to The Path. 

It’s all part of a focus on healthy living. Mind and body. Because health and nutrition are like meditation for the body. 

Cheers to a healthy April,


[photo via flickr]