On Surrender

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You hear this word surrender.

But it is so hard.

In modern society, we like control. It’s what we’re used to, not just at work but in all aspects of life. We organize what's around us to ensure that nothing can go wrong. So we can't get hurt. Because we are in charge. This is what feels safe.

But magic unfolds when we surrender.

We recently hosted our first Tibetan Bowl meditation. Moments before we began, to a huge gathering of our community, I suggested we surrender to the music. To not question what we felt or if it was “right” or if anyone else experienced what we were feeling. Because we had an incredible guide. And in that moment, our racing minds don't serve us. It's better to relax, be guided, and surrender to an expertly led sound healing.

Group meditations are a perfect way to begin learning surrender.

Because we have great teachers. And we don’t need to question the benefits. The why. Or even what’s happening.

Surrender brings us to the present moment. It stops the monkey mind.

It helps us to relax.

And when we’re not questioning everything, all the time, it’s easier to get into the flow of life.

Part of this is learning acceptance. It’s living in what “is” rather than what we want.

Surrender isn’t perfect always. At work we benefit from planning and strategizing and pushing.

But surrender has more of a place in our lives than we realize.

We don’t need to fight everything.

Sometimes we can let go.

Knowing when and how to let go is an art.

And a skill. That serves us well.

Maybe once today - say to someone or yourself, “I accept this.”

And then smile.

You’ll know when it’s right to do this. And you’ll likely feel a wave of peacefulness wash over you.

Enjoy that moment of surrender. See how it makes you feel.