The Mind Illuminated book launch



7:00 PM at Primary, 26 Broadway (8th Floor)

Dinner by sweetgreen and delicious homemade gluten-free deserts by Holistic Happening included! 

If you’ve ever wondered what’s happening to your mind at each stage of your path...or how best to progress in your meditation practice...join us.

Dr. John Yates was a neuroscientist who became a meditation master. He is a teacher of teachers who, after decades of sharing his wisdom with students, has finally put a lifetime of experiential knowledge on the stages of awakening into print. This is the official Simon & Schuster book launch party for The Mind Illuminated, the master volume of Dr. Yates, also known as Culadasa. Sharon Salzberg raves, “he brings the path of meditation to life.” Experience a meditation led by a master teacher and learn about his step-by-step toolkit to take your practice to new heights. Copies of The Mind Illuminated will be for sale by Books on Call NYC. Also dinner, drinks and desert is included!


On top of a seat at each weekly meditation members can attend this event for free!