Tom Brady

anything is possible

It's been years since I was a big football fan...

A little kid in Pittsburgh waving the terrible towel :).

But I couldn't take my eyes off the Super Bowl. 

Tom Brady saw an impossible situation. A game that was clearly over. Defeat.  

And he saw a window. Light. And he believed. 

He made the impossible .. possible.

You have this power too. It's within you. And it's amplified by meditation. 

If you're having an awful day, you CAN change it.

Meditation gives you the power to turn a bad mood into a good one. It's a choice. Just like Tom Brady's choice to go for it.

If you think you can't get that job, that date, that trip, whatever you dream of...

You can.

The power to get it, to GO FOR IT, is in your mind. If you believe it, you can manifest it. Just believe in yourself, know that things can turn around, and realize that many things we think are impossible .. can happen.

Tom Brady engineered the biggest Super Bowl comeback in history. 

What comeback or goal do you want to engineer in your life? If you're open to sharing, please respond to this email and let me know. I'd love to hear it and support you.

I'm inspired to write a book. I've thought about it for years, and now it's time to do it. What's your inspiration?

It could be smiling more or changing jobs. Big or small. You decide.