Here's How We Built a Vegan Seder Plate

The vegan seder plate

The vegan seder plate

We're prepping for our Jewish Buddhist non-denominational vegan seder led by Sharon Salzberg tomorrow - and did a trial run of the seder plate tonight, managed by our team member Mani Katari!

We have:

  • celery to symbolize spring. It gets dipped in salt water to symbolize the tears of the enslaved.
  • kale & lettuce  bitter herbs to remind us of the bitterness of slavery and captivity.
  • olives the blood-red color is symbolic of the blood shed as well as the blood smeared over the doors of the people the Angel of Death passed over. Olives can also be used to symbolize the commandments of compassion for the oppressed (instead of shankbone).
  • avocado symbol of new life, renewal and hope (instead of egg).
  • Charoset: NOT ON THIS PLATE but will be provided by our chefs: a mixture of nuts, apples, wine and spices.

And, decorated with mint, parsley and thyme.

I love this team.

Best vegan seder ever - can't wait for tomorrow. And only 2 spots left! to join us.