sit, sake & cider Tuesday!

On Tuesday, join us for a lil' gathering.

We're hosting a sit, followed by sake and and mulled cider. 

It's a fall meditation party :).

First we'll sit with the extraordinary John Baker, co-founder and teacher at Naropa University in Boulder. John is an author and editor of Buddhist texts and a super-experienced teacher who's led many month-long retreats (don't worry, just 30 minutes Tuesday!).

We'll gather at a brand-new spa that just opened in my brownstone in the West Village (I know, what are the chances!?) so you can peak around at the infrarad saunas and more.

After the meditation we'll head upstairs to my place, where we'll serve delicious sake (all natural, non-GMO and gluten-free) and make mulled cider, too.

We're so excited to invite you to a sit, with sake and cider to celebrate our last Tuesday evening meditation:

click here to join us

Yay see you Tuesday,