Un Petit Recap : Sleep & Dreams

Our holiday party...and talk about sleep and dreams...was incredible. We learned so much, met such great people and left feeling high on good energy. Thank you to everyone who joined!

For most, it was a night that addressed so many misconceptions about our sleeping selves. What did we learn?

That sleep and dreams can (and should) be valued as much as our waking life. That sleep is not just a service to our waking life but extraordinarily important on its own. And that dreaming is a sign of health. So many of us struggle with sleep and often resort to medicine, but sleeping pills prevent us from having natural sleep and also benefiting from dreams. We left with a new understanding of our sleeping lives, as well as a renewed sense of hope on how to manage sleeping issues.

We also learned beautiful tips about how to bring about lucid dreams! You can place post-its around your house, your office, your car, in places that you frequent throughout the day saying, "Am I sleeping or am I dreaming?" Eventually you'll see likely one of these in your dreams.

What magic!

We gathered for a shared meal. 

We gathered for a shared meal.