These are some products and things we love :: that bring mindfulness and wellness to your everyday life.

Because meditation is just one part of making your day happy + healthy.

The Benjamin, where you can now access On Demand Meditation by The Path right from your hotel phone! Use code THEPATH for a special discount on the "Meditation" package.

Spire tracks your breath and notifies you when you're stressed.

It's like having a mindfulness coach throughout the day. Sleep better. Breathe easier. Discover calm. 


Handmade necklaces, mala beads, and wooden carvings by artisans in Bali of only the finest sacred and sustainable materials — from sandalwood to rudraksha seeds. Also, meditation shawls consciously created in India using natural fibres such as wool and cotton. Bring these gorgeous pieces into your life and help find a calmer mind, body and spirit.