Tuesday Evening Sits :: Uptown

800A Fifth Ave, Suite 300A (entrance on 61st St) NYC

April 2, 7-8 PM

Welcome to The Path’s uptown Tuesday Sits! The first Tuesday of each month you’re invited to meditate with us .. at the beautiful office of Dr. Keith Blechman, a top surgeon in NYC, certified meditation teacher (and NYC marathon runner!).

Keith has a wonderful ability to guide students of all levels, from beginner to experienced .. and he’ll offer the tools to develop and maintain a meditation practice of your own.

Enjoy a 20-minute guided meditation, Q&A, then a group chat about the evening's sit .. and enjoy being surrounded by other awesome, mindful New Yorkers too. 

And .. bonus: Antoinette Beauchamp, yoga teacher and life coach, will lead small yoga movements at the start of the session .. to hit the reset button on your body and release stale energy and stress from your day. So you’ll awaken the body, then quiet the mind.  ((Movement is gentle so you can wear whatever you’d like, a dress, suit, jeans or whatever you have on!))

This is a calm, blissful start to your Tuesday evening. Come sit with us!

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