Tuesday Evening Sits in September

22 Bond Street, NYC

7-8 PM

Tuesday Sits in September will take place at an airy luxury downtown apartment and are suitable for all levels from beginning to advanced meditators (come join!).

You’ll enjoy a 25-minute guided meditation (that will fly by!) followed by a group chat about the evening's sit and your practice overall with other awesome, mindful New Yorkers. 

This is a calm, blissful start to your Tuesday evening.

September 11

On this evening our founder Dina Kaplan will lead us in a meditation about being able to sit with our feelings, whether positive or negative, and on the power of being able to sit with the people important to us during good and tough times. What if we could be more equanimous, with ourselves and others? After the meditation we'll share how we feel on this day with a kind, supportive community. 

September 25

On 9/25 The Path teacher training graduate Maritza Puello will guide us in a meditation and discussion about supporting yourself and your meditation practice during the change of season (hello Fall!).  Maritza is an Integrative Life Coach, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Media Consultant deeply committed to helping people connect to their inner wisdom and live their best (and happiest!) lives. 


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