Mastering Time ((Never feel busy again!))

A Conversation with Lauren Zander, Coach & Chair of Handel Group, and The Path Founder Dina Kaplan

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A Conversation about "Mastering Time" with Lauren Zander & Dina Kaplan

July 10th, 2018

6:15 - 8 PM

Neuehouse, 110 east 25th Street

Do your days feel like a battle to beat the clock, make deadlines, uphold commitments, and avoid distractions? If this rings true, join Lauren Zander, one of the top CEO coaches in the country, for a conversational workshop on Mastering Time. Learn simple and fun (really!) solutions to get organized, plan brilliantly, and find ease in everyday activities — and your most heartfelt endeavors. 

The Location

We're excited to spend this evening in the stunning space of NeueHouse, at 110 East 25th Street near Madison Square Park. NeueHouse is a private workspace for entrepreneurs and creative leaders. (Photographs by Rockwell Group/Eric Laignel)

Mastering Time
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