This program is currently on hold for review - please email us if you’re interested or to learn more!

Deepen your practice.

and Share it with others. 


For the past four years The Path has run a meditation teacher training program.

Right now we are evaluating the program & seeking how to improve it.

The current program is on hold now .. but if you would like to express interest in joining a future meditation teacher training program please email us at or you can formally apply here:



Trainings usually take place over a 3 or 4-month period.

Students attend weeknight evening classes and 4 weekend afternoon “retreats.”


Our January 2019 Teacher Training students!

Our January 2019 Teacher Training students!


Comments from our last class of meditation teachers:

  • “My meditation practice has been transformed, I feel both more empowered and more at peace. I am more calm and I look forward to my daily practice in a way I didn't before.”

  • “This course has enhanced my ability to recognize and improve my own attitude in an attempt to reduce stress and suffering for myself and for those around me. I aim to embody the concepts learned in this compassion training in every realm of my life.”

  • I didn't realize the personal journey I was going to go on in this class and I'm inspired to keep learning and investigating!”

  • “I find that I am drawing from the material a lot in my daily life and interactions with family and friends.”

  • “I loved being a part of this training. Getting to know the teachers and fellow students has enriched my life. I definitely felt part of a community and hope to continue connecting with everyone.”

  • “It has been a very liberating and opening process for me to bring more joy, love, happiness and compassion in my life and others around me.”

  • “I am so grateful for the teachings, and this community!”