Wild Sleep and Dreams (+ Holiday Party)



210 Lafayette Street, PH-2B

It’s time to liberate our sleep and dreams. So much sleep now is medicalized and processed, artificially induced by pills & alcohol and squeezed into a tight time slot. What if we learned to keep sleep a deeply personal experience? And to honor our sleep and dreams, making them as important as our waking life?

Dr. Rubin Naiman, one of the top sleep experts in the country, will teach us how. After, we'll hang and enjoy dinner, social time & a holiday party with some of the best people in New York. Join us for a truly dreamy evening. (There's also an option to join Dr. Naiman for a private tea before the larger event, to share personal stories or questions about your own sleep and dreams.)


On top of a seat at each weekly meditation members can attend this event for free!