Provided by The Standard:

  • 5 chairs
  • 4 Glass water jugs with infused water
  • A/V cord to connect to sound system
  • Sweeping the room before we arrive
  • Lighters

Our Stuff at The Standard:

  • 8 bags of cushions
  • Social media signs
  • Candles
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Square


6:00 - 6:30 PM

  • Make sure everything was brought by The Standard
  • Place Candles out, make sure they’re not dirty, empty, or charred
  • Move plants to frame the teacher
  • Check that Attendium is working on your phone and you can access the right check-in list
  • Put the water/cups/napkins plus any sponsor drinks out
  • Place 50% of the cushions down, stack the rest and put 5 chairs in the back
  • Put the large Path sign on the side of the teacher
  • Put Path signs and social signs near sponsored drinks

6:30 PM

  • Light candles
  • Turn on music -
    • Spotify -
      • you can use your own account if you want or the one below. Anything calming and chill. 
      • login: thepathnyc, pw: path1234567 - Relax & Rewind playlist

Teacher Arrives

  • Greet the teacher, introduce yourself
  • Let them know how many people we're expecting
  • Ask them what the meditation format will be and how long it will be
  • They have freedom to lead the meditation how they would like. It's up to them if they want to have a Q&A session at the end.
  • Ask them to hand the floor to you at the end for a little closing note. Closing Note outlined below.



  • se attendium to check people in.
  • Some people who just purchased a ticket will not be on the attendium list so if they're not on the list first ask when they purchased the ticket. Ask for their confirmation email and check the date of the ticket type. Ex. "July 19th @ 7pm"
  • Guide them where to put their stuff and remind them to turn off their phones
  • Encourage people to take the seats in the front.
  • To add to notes section when you edit entry:
  • Ask for email address for +1’s, ClassPass, Walk-in’s
  • Ask for instagram handle if you have time to
  • Walk-ins: 
    • Cash: $24 can be collected at the door and that cash can be handed to Dina or the producer can hold onto the cash and PayPal the money to dina@thepath.com.
    • Square: with the square app and the plugin they can charge $24 with their card at the door. Sign into the account:
    • Paypal: the customer can directly PayPal dina@thepath.com $24 and you can check the confirmation.
  • Hand out cushions when the cushions set out are filled.

7:05 - 7:10 PM

  • Based on how many people have checked in, keep in contact with the teacher when we will begin. Definitely begin by 7:10pm.
  • Anyone who arrives after 7:10pm can be allowed into the meditation if it's not too loud or disruptive but it should be gently stressed that that would be an exception. 
  • Cushion Sweep - remove all empty cushions in the space
  • Turn the music off and practice begins

During Meditation

  • One person should be outside where check in is for any late comers.
  • One person should be at the meditation. They can be meditating but be aware of what's going on in the room.
  • Sometimes you'll need to cue the teacher to speak louder because of ambient noise.
  • Be mindful of the temperature in the room and if the AC needs to go up or down

After Meditation

  • Closing Note (detailed below)
  • Turn music back on

Teacher Leaves

  • Touch base with them to thank them and see if they have any comments on the practice or how things went.

After Practice

  • Cleanup! 
  • Beverages are not to be stored at The Standard
  • Fill out practice report at www.thepath.com/practice-report
  • Make sure you have all the money collected and you know how it will make its way back to Dina
  • Be sure that the square is kept in a safe place.


The Overlook

  • Coat hanger outside of the space
  • AV jack is on the far wall near the floor. AV controls are in the right cabinet above the table.
  • Keep the curtains closed
  • Keep the room cool. It gets warm and stuffy really quickly with a lot of people in there. 

The Penthouse

  • AV jack is in the closet on the right hallway. There are controls for volume connected.
  • Block off the left hallway if you can. 
  • Ask the both doors that lead outside are unlocked.
  • Table goes in the back across from the 
  • Ask for hangers for the open closet in the back for people to hang their jackets, more welcoming to leave their stuff there.


Introduce yourself and mention The Path.

  • Hi everyone. Just want to keep you for a quick announcement. I'm Pamela and I'm with the Path.

Thank the teacher.

  • First of all, thank you, Pandit, for leading us through such a powerful meditation.

Thank everyone for coming.

  • And thank you all for joining us tonight. 

Invite them to upcoming events.

  • If you haven't already, next week on the 27th we'll be holding our July social event at Central Park. You can snag your tickets at www.thepath.com/social. 
  • And next week, we'll have Ally Bogard leading our meditation here at The Standard. If you'd like to join us visit thepath.com. And if you've been sitting with us each week, check out our membership which includes each practice of the month and a ticket to our monthly social for a really good deal. 

Invite them to stay and mention sponsors.

  • Feel free to come to me or Pandit with any of your questions and we invite you to stay to enjoy the view, meet each other, and try some zico or sake!