Guest List

The guests list is created from guest from 4 sources:

  • Ticket sales - Eventbrite
  • Membership - Moonclerk
  • Classpass
  • Guests - from Dina or Grayling from The Standard

They all get put into Attendium to be accessed on your phone to check people in.


Check In - Attendium -

This is where you add all the names from the ticket sources below. It is the app that we use for check-in. 

  • Login: carlyfekete, thepath12345
  • Click on Trial
  • Add New event by clicking the button on the bottom left
  • Label each event with the Day, Date and either PM or AM (ex. TUES. JUN 22 PM)
  • Choose your start and end date and time
  • Press Save
  • Add guests by clicking the green button on the upper right
  • Click ‘Import guests from text’
  • Copy and paste the names from each of the sources into this section. Be mindful of a guest purchasing more than one ticket and needing a number after their name (ex. Willy Wonka 1, Willy Wonka 2 for two tickets purchased)
  • Click "Next" then "Add"
  • The trial version has a limit of 50 guests. If any of your larger event goes on 50 people simply make 2 events out of it and split the difference between the two.


Ticket Sales -

  • Login:, mantra1
  • Add individual ticket holders by clicking through to the date of the event
  • Scroll down and click through to "View Sales" next to the date you are pulling names for
  • Export report as "CSV"
  • Copy first/last name and paste into the Attendium add guest box you already have open. If an individual has purchased more than one ticket, include their name multiple times on the list (e.g "Jane Smith", "Jane Smith2", "Jane Smith3")

Memberships -

  • Login:, Path1234
  • Click on "Plans". Here you will see all the active members.
  • It is probably easiest to copy each one by one and then add it to a note on your computer for you to easily copy over in the future. 
  • Copy first/last name and paste into the Attendium add guest box.

ClassPass -

  • Login:, Reset123
  • Select date of the practice.
  • Copy first/last name and paste into the Attendium add guest box 
  • If a name is labeled as "late cancelled" it does not need to go on the RSVP list

Guest Instructions

  • Manually add to attendium and be sure to note their email address to add to the practice report


  • Cash: $24 can be collected at the door and that cash can be handed to Dina or the producer can hold onto the cash and PayPal the money to
  • Square: with the square app and the plugin they can charge $24 with their card at the door. Sign into the account:
  • Paypal: the customer can directly PayPal $24 and you can check the confirmation.
  • Be sure to ask these people for their email addresses.