Things to consider when in a brand new space

Flow of traffic:

  • How will people enter and exit the space? Is it clear where to go? Does someone need to be stationed outside to help direct? 
  • Is it clear where they can leave their stuff? If not, make sure to let them know on arrival
  • Should check-in be in the meditation space or outside?
  • Is there someone outside of the space to let people know that they’re in the right place?
  • From arrival to exit, walk through the space and think how they would feel every step of the way - what is intuitive and what would need a bit of explaining? 


  • Temperature - too hot? too cold?
  • Everyone’s going to have their eyes closed so smell and sound will be heightened a bit
    • Sound
      • Is the AC super loud?
      • Do the speakers make noise when the music isn’t being played?
      • Do we have a separate music system to play in the space before and after the practice?
    • Smell
      • Just make sure it doesn’t smell funky, open windows before people arrive, and for an extra touch maybe a spray
  • Is there any greenery that you can use to make the space a little cozier?
  • Less is more. when it applies, having less distractions is better. keep it clean.
  • Make sure the bathrooms have toilet paper!

Brand Representation:

  • Clean, modern, simple, light, uncluttered
  • Make sure there's a Path sign near the teacher and near the sponsored items
  • Make sure the social media signs are showcased
  • Make sure the sponsors are well displayed 

Predict problems:

  • Any interruptions that could be avoided or how to field them
  • People coming late:
    • Is it going to make a lot of noise? Should someone be waiting further outside to escort people in? 
  • Did you have to compromise on some of the setup? Provide an alternate solution to compensate for what was sacrificed in the decision. 

Notice for next time:

  • Observe how the space is interacted with how you’ve set it up and take note for how it can be better next time and put it in the practice report so if we’re in the space again, we know.