Pandit Dasa is an Author, Mindful Leadership and Wellbeing Expert, on a mission to bring wellness into the workplace. He has spoken at conferences such as the World Government Summit and has conducted corporate mindfulness workshops and trainings in dozens of organizations including Google, Columbia University and Intel.

Before becoming a Mindfulness and Well-being expert, Pandit spent 15 years living as a monk in New York City. During his time as a monk, Pandit developed a deep knowledge and practice of meditation and gained insight into the nature of the mind. He traveled extensively lecturing on college campuses on health and wellness and now he shares the same knowledge with corporations. In his book, Urban Monk, he writes about the events in his life that inspired him to dedicate a portion of his life to the monastic order.

During his 13 years at Columbia University in New York City, where he provided meditation sessions to the campus community, Pandit founded Conscious Living, LLC. Conscious Living helps train corporate professionals, government agencies and college campuses on the principles of Mindful Leadership and Mindfulness Meditation to create happier and more productive employees.