Genius Foods:

A Conversation with Max Lugavere and The Path Founder Dina Kaplan

Learn how to become smarter, happier and more productive .. by eating the right foods!

**update: this event is now free! please purchase your "free" spot below  (i.e. we'll need to submit your name to the Neuehouse RSVP list) .. and join us in community Thursday!**

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A Conversation about "Genius Foods" with Max Lugavere & Dina Kaplan

May 3rd, 2018

6:30 - 8 PM

Neuehouse, 110 east 25th Street

Join us for the story of one man's quest to learn the critical link between your brain and the food you eat. And, learn to change how your brain ages.

When his mother was diagnosed with a mysterious type of dementia, Max Lugavere put his media career on hold to learn everything he could about brain health and performance. 

Now, in this book and in person in beautiful Neuehouse May 3rd, he presents a guide to brain optimization  .. and uncovers the link between our diet and lifestyle choices .. and how our brain functions, revealing how the foods you eat directly affect your ability to focus, learn, remember, create, analyze new ideas and maintain a balanced mood.

Weaving together pioneering research on dementia prevention, cognitive optimization, and nutritional psychiatry, Max distills groundbreaking science into actionable lifestyle changes. Join us to learn together!


The Location

We're excited to spend this evening in the stunning space of NeueHouse, at 110 East 25th Street near Madison Square Park. NeueHouse is a private workspace for entrepreneurs and creative leaders. (Photographs by Rockwell Group/Eric Laignel)