Location Change

Supplies to bring:

  • Cushions - more than enough for any walk ins
  • Candles 
  • Signs
  • Sponsored goods
  • Water pitchers 
  • Cups
  • Napkins 
  • Lighter
  • Square
  • Maybe Buckets to display the sponsored goods?

Check with space if they have:

  • Photos of the space 
  • A table for sponsored goods - preferably a 6'x30" at least or some counterspace
  • Tablecloth for the table
  • Chairs

Mieka will:

  • Change information on the website.
  • Email all members, ticket holders, and ClassPass users of the location change as soon as we know and a reminder email the night before.
  • Email the teacher about location change. 

Things to do before: 

  • Get as much info as you can about the space, reach out to the owner and see what can be provided by them. 
  • Can you check out the space before? Have we been here before? Check with the producer who's been there before to ask any advice.
  • Communicate with each other on who will be bringing what, arrival times, what the space is providing, and if you need anything day of.
  • Email Grayling to let him know when someone will be coming to pick and drop off supplies from The Standard.
  • Take pictures of the space before you touch it so you know exactly how to put it back. We should leave these spaces exactly how we found it if not even better!
  • If the owner is there, ask them if they have any specifications on how the space should be left if not exactly as found.


The rest of the practice pretty much goes as it would at The Standard. Be mindful that more people might be late because of the location change so speak to the teacher about starting closer to 7:10pm. 


Things to do after:

  • Make sure the place is exactly how you found it if not better.
  • Send a thank you note to the owner of the space assuring them that the space was left in good condition if they weren't there when you left. You can even include photos if you"d like. CC Dina and Mieka
  • Practice report!