mela a meditation retreat for innovators

/ pronounced MAY'-la /

a Sanskrit word meaning 'gathering'

Meditation for the Modern Mind

Guided by Master Teachers

Welcome to your retreat.


Join The Path for a once-a-year weekend retreat to clear your mind, meditate with renowned instructors, and form lasting relationships with top entrepreneurs, investors and creatives from around the world. This is professional and personal development at its best. Our next Mela retreat will be in 2020. Please email to request an invite or apply below to join us.



Practice with the masters. 

Whether you are a new to meditation or advanced, this is your chance to learn from sought-after mindfulness teachers. At Mela our instructors lead group meditations, offer Buddhist wisdom and answer your personal questions about how to bring mindfulness into your life.

“Amazing teachers, beautiful location, kind insightful people, wonderfully planned.. not a detail unturned. I left grounded, recharged, and inspired.”
— Kerry Docherty, President at Faherty Brand

Build lasting relationships. 

When you meditate you go within. You become more authentic and more you. To do this on retreat, away from the stress of daily life, is profound. You become more open to connecting with people on a deep level. What happens when you go on retreat with other global leaders, to enjoy yoga, meditation and gourmet long-table meals outdoors? You meet people who will inspire you and change your life.

I was thoroughly impressed by the EQ of the guests (as well as IQ and credentials). I felt that all of us shed our exteriors over the weekend and felt genuinely connected.
— Evan Mendelsohn, co-founder, Tipsy Elves (among 15 biggest Shark Tank success stories of all time)

Return refreshed.

For three days you'll wake up to yoga and meditation and close each day with gourmet meals under the stars. In addition to the peacefulness from guided meditations and wisdom, you'll enjoy outdoor activities, share in authentic conversations and emerge with a calm mind, rejuvenated spirit and awesome new friendships.

I flew out to Sedona angry at myself for even daring to take time off work, and left feeling so joyful at the wisdom and connections I was leaving with. Really, truly transformative.
— Megan Kingery, Broadway Producer (+ developed Blue Man Group's first book Blue Man World)

Gorgeous Locations.

We hosted our first Mela amidst the red rocks of Sedona. For Mela 2 we moved to the warm welcome of Mexico.

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The Details


  • Maximum of 75 participants

  • Perfect for new and advanced meditators

  • Sitting and walking meditation, yoga and more

  • Registration fee covers all activities and meals

  • Travel and accommodation are not included; however, a negotiated rate is provided

REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancel before October 31st for a full refund. Cancel before November 30th for a 50% refund. After that, no cancellations or refunds. 


“A TED-like event for meditators to help people become conscious leaders.”

"In between meditation sessions, the group is treated to luxuriously thoughtful experiences, reminiscent of an expensive destination wedding, but where every guest you might be seated next to is a fascinating conversation partner and a kindred spirit." 


Meet your Mela community.

Mela brings together an accomplished and conscious group of entrepreneurs, investors and creatives – all with a shared desire to become the best versions of themselves.


A partial list of Mela event participants (2018 + 2019) includes: 

  • Natalya (Brikner) Bailey, aerospace engineer and co-founder/CEO of the space start-up Accion Systems, "35 Innovators Under 35", MIT Tech Review.

  • Jason Bordainick, Founder/CEO, Hudson Valley Property Group, over $1b invested to buy and convert buildings into affordable housing.

  • Ibrahim Ajami, Head of Venture Capital, Mubadala Investment Company (United Arab Emirates).

  • Jennifer Carrico, early YouTube, co-founder, Galavantier, angel investor.

  • Tim Chang, Partner, Mayfield Fund, twice named to the Forbes Midas list of Top Tech Investors.

  • Kerry Faherty, President at Faherty Brand (like a modern Ralph Lauren).

  • Ben Feder, Tencent North America, author, former private equity partner.

  • Keith Ferrazzi, Author, New York Times bestselling books Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back?

  • Renae Garcia, professional poker player, former TV development executive.

  • Lindsay Goffman, Film & TV Producer (Dumbstruck, The Good Doctor).

  • Charlie Hartwell, Operating Partner, BridgeBuilders Collaborative, investing in companies focused on mindfulness.

  • Daniel Hoffer, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures. Co-Founder/CEO,

  • Jessica Iclisoy, Founder/CEO, California Baby, 90+ organic products for babies and kids. Launched with $2,000, 2017 sales were $96mm, making her one of "America's most successful women entrepreneurs" (Forbes, 2018).

  • Deborah Jackson, Founder/CEO, Plum Alley. Private investor, Fast Company "League of Extraordinary Women" (60 women named).

  • Megan Kingery, Broadway Producer, Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1912, Fun Home. Creative Producer of Blue Man Group's first book, Blue Man World.

  • Brigette Lau, Partner, Social Capital. Founder/ Partner, Hello Warrior Ventures.

  • Michael Levit, Managing Partner, Dragonfly Partners. Board, SNAP Interactive.

  • Patrick McKenna, co-founder & Chair, Facet Wealth. Managing Partner, High Ridge Venture Partners. Board, Disqus.

  • Christopher Michel, Founder, and Affinity Labs, both sold to Monster, now manages Nautilus Ventures and professional worldly photographer.

  • Ronen Olshansky, founder/CEO, Cross Campus.

  • Annie Roney, Founder/CEO, ro*co Films (distributes award-winning documentaries, including 18 Oscar-nominated films).

  • Martin Tobias, CEO, Bulletproof Labs, investor.

  • Lawrence Trilling, Producer/director/writer, Parenthood, Alias, Scrubs, Felicity, Goliath, Pushing Daisies and many other TV shows.

  • Laurel Warbrick, Director, HBO.

  • Peter Yared, Founder/CTO, Sapho. Former CTO/CIO, CBS Interactive.

  • Amy Ziering, Emmy and Academy Award-nominated documentary film producer and director, The Invisible World, The Memory Thief, Outrage, The Hunting Ground.

* Know someone who would be a fit for Mela? Nominate them by clicking here.

This was without question THE MOST kind, fun, inspiring and curious group of people I have ever had the honor of attending an event with... Many of the people I met, I hope will be lifelong friends and mentors. This is my tribe.
— Laurel Warbrick, Director of Alternate Versions and Remastering, HBO

More from Mela 1 participants…

Mela 1 | June 2018 | Sedona, Arizona

Mela 1 | June 2018 | Sedona, Arizona

I want to express again my deep gratitude for the work you are doing — I feel so fortunate to have had the experience in Sedona this year — it made a meaningful difference in my life, and the wonders continue to unfold for me.
— Karin Timpone, Global Marketing Officer, Marriott International
This weekend was emotional, deep, difficult, inspiring and exhilarating. It’s like something shifted and I’m floating in its wake.
— Van Hutcherson, Managing Director, Jones Trading
This was my first real experience with meditation and it may have very well put my life on another, more healthy and fulfilling path.
— Annie Roney, founder/CEO, ro*co films
I think I finally *got* the power of meditation and why it is raved about. I never had before.
— Chiara Jovanovic, founder/CEO, New Space Playbook
Honing my practice with Sharon, Will and the group was a life changing gift that I will forever cherish.
— Lyndea Michele Dew, Director, Digital Sales & Strategy, NBCUniversal
I do feel different. I wanted some clarity on some big decisions in my life and feel like I found that clarity. I acted upon those decisions very recently and feel a big weight off my shoulders.
— Jenny Lee, Citadel

Past Mela Teachers


Sharon Salzberg is a world-renowned meditation instructor and New York Times bestselling author. Many credit her with bringing loving-kindness meditation from India to the West, and she literally wrote the book on Lovingkindness. Sharon is co-founder of Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA and author of the NYT bestseller Real Happiness. Her most recent book is Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection.


Will Kabat-Zinn has practiced Vipassana meditation in the U.S. and Burma for more than ten years and teaches entrepreneurs and others at SF Insight, Spirit Rock and meditation centers across the country.


About The Path

The Path is meditation for the modern mind. We've hosted weekly meditations since 2014 and taught thousands of people to meditate in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, at SXSW, Sundance, Flow Japan and events around the world. We run a certificate Teacher Training Program, a certificate Mindful Leadership course and book launches for major teachers and authors including Matthieu Ricard, Robert Thurman, Shinzen Young and Culadasa.

We believe meditation can be accessible and taught in beautiful, fun environments. Mela is our next step.

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