The Path brings meditation and mindfulness right to your office. We’ve worked with Conde Nast, Palantir, JWT, Samsung and many other corporations to teach meditation, reduce stress and uplift people’s feelings of well-being. Please email us to find out more about our corporate programs.

We offer:

  • Weekly meditations right in your office

  • “The Experts” seminar with a neuroscientist, a top meditation teacher and a moderator to help explain how, when and where to begin a daily practice. We’ll also explain the benefits of meditation on the brain and guide you in a peaceful, transformative meditation.

  • “The Introduction” workshop is a 75 minute session in which The Path founder Dina Kaplan will explain her story of moving from tech founder to meditation teacher, then clearly explain the four categories of meditation and guide you for ten minutes of meditation in each category. After each round people can ask questions and share how the practice went for them. By the end of this workshop everyone will have the tools for a daily practice and the inspiration to begin!

  • “The Path Experience” is a 5 hour meditation retreat, with five rounds of meditation, we can bring right to your office. Feel calm, clear and focused in just one afternoon.